What a Tool

Restaurants and professional grillers use cast iron. With ManGrates you can get steakhouse quality food too…at home.

  • American-made cast iron grates
  • Utilize direct heat: Get an even heating surface, no “hot spots” and seal in juices.
  • Patented design reduces flare-ups: Grates trap and evaporate oils and fats before they reach the flames.
  • Once seasoned, virtually non-stick: Well-seasoned grates resist rust and, if cared for, will last for years.
  • Scalable: Each grate measures 4″ wide by 15″ long. Place multiple grates side-by-side (on top of your existing grill grates) to fill your grilling surface.
ManGrate grate and box ManGrate Patent Graphic Chicken on ManGrates
ManGrate cast iron grill grates; order as many as you need to fill out your grill surface

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