Grill juicy, perfectly cooked steak, poultry and fish. ManGrates sear meats and vegetables with restaurant-signature grill marks for a professional look and taste.

Even Heat, Reduced Flare-Ups!

ManGrate's cast-iron design utilizes radiant heat—instead of convection heat or "hot air"—searing in the juices but allowing food to cook evenly. The smoke rails are the angled ledges on each bar of the ManGrate. These ledges are designed to trap and retain oils and fats released during grilling, and it's these juices that aid in the natural smoking process giving meats a rich, barbecued flavor. They also serve to reduce flare ups.

Easy Cleaning!

All you need to care for your ManGrates is a ManBrush and spray cooking oil (or a basting brush and vegetable oil). Clean off ManGrates before grilling, apply oil evenly and thoroughly. After grilling, allow ManGrates to cool, brush clean, oil and close the grill lid. Your ManGrates will season over time; a well-seasoned ManGrate naturally resists rust and creates a virtually non-stick grilling surface.


ManGrate's American-Made, heavy-duty, cast-iron design is virtually indestructible and if well cared-for, can last a lifetime.

ManGrates can be transferred to any grill you may ever own, and are modular: you can add or subtract the number of grates you place side-by-side depending upon the size of your grilling surface.

Each ManGrate measures 15" long x 4 1/4" wide x 1 3/8" high. A pair of ManGrates covers 15" x 8 1/2."

  1. Setting Your New ManGrates on Your Grill
    ManGrates are designed to be set on top of your existing grill grates. Your ManGrates can be placed on your grill either horizontally (left to right) or vertically (front to back) with the smoke rails pointing up.

  2. Seasoning Your ManGrates VERY IMPORTANT MUST READ:
    ** ManGrates are 100% cast iron and MUST be seasoned properly:
    • Place ManGrates on your existing grilling grates.
    • Apply cooking spray such as Pam or Crisco, or use a basting brush and vegetable oil.
    • Turn grill on high, close the grill lid and let the ManGrates heat for 10-15 minutes to allow the oils to penetrate your new ManGrates.
    • Once your ManGrates heat up, we recommend turning your heat down to medium, as this is the ideal temperature setting while cooking with your ManGrates (trust us: they will get hot and retain the heat).

** If your ManGrate seasoning has worn off or there is rust, the Grates need to be properly re-seasoned. Just follow the instructions above to re-season your ManGrates; or see the Testimonials page for images showing the process. Please note that any rust will dissolve and burn off during this process.
* * Please use extreme caution while seasoning your ManGrates. Do not apply any oils while the grates are extremely hot.
* * Each ManGrate weighs 8lbs and should be handled appropriately as they may cause injury if dropped.
* * Please allow ManGrates to cool after use. They will remain HOT long after the burners have been turned off or the charcoals have been extinguished.

ManGrate brush